Wake Park Format

Applies to WWA Florida State Wake Park Championships & WWA Wake Park National Championships

Subject to Change

Park Format:

Important notes: Must have 2 kickers off the dock.

1 lap + 1 kicker (designated air trick sections)

2 kickers, 2-3 air tricks, 3-4 rails

Seeding round: 1 run and 1 pick up. (everyone moves one; winner gets a bye in round 2)

Quarters/semis/Finals: 1 run and 1 pick up. 


Broken into 3-4 sections. Score 1-10 for each section. Sections have unique percentages.

3 judges give a score for each section. Weighted average to determine overall score.

DRIVE Format (Difficulty, Risk, Intensity, Variety, Execution)

Features Format:   (X – Games Jam Format:)

4-5 features + 1 kicker

3 runs, best run counts

No Flat Water/Air Tricks will be scored.


Score 1-100 for each run. Best run counts.

3 judges each give a score for each rider. Top 3 scores averaged together.

EDC Format (Execution, Difficulty, Composition)

Execution = clean, proper (no zeaching or prespin), style (pokes, long grabs, etc.)

Difficulty = mentally and physically (commitment, control)

Composition = Variety, creativity, flow (See composition sheet on Thewwa.com)

Difficulty/composition are how you pick your run

Execution is how you perform your run

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