The 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series provides the world’s top amateur and professional athletes a chance to define themselves as the sport’s elite. With five stops left in the series, the world’s most prestigious wakesurf events will span across three continents as the top athletes battle to earn their prestigious invites to the culminating event of the season, the Nautique Masters Wakesurf Championships. 

The third stop of the 2019 season heads to Moscow, Russia for the Nautique European Wakesurf Championships – Konakovo August 16th – 18th. Pulled exclusively by the world-class Super Air Nautique G23, the Nautique European Wakesurf Championships is set to be one of most unforgettable events of the season, setting the bar for the remaining stops of the 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series. 


There will be qualified judges sitting in the boat judging the riders performances. No matter if you are a skimmer or surfer, come show off what you’ve got. If you love both styles of riding, don’t forget that you can switch boards and ride both!  

**These events are open for all ability levels: novice – professional. No matter your level of surfing, you’ll find the category that suits you.

The winners of the Nautique European Wakesurf Championships – Konakovo will automatically secure their invite to the crowning jewel event of the season, the Nautique Masters Wakesurf Championships. Additional riders will have the opportunity to earn an invite through the Wakesurf World Rankings. Riders will earn points based on their placement within their division at each event they attend for the 2019 season. You will be able to follow all of the action at

Hotel: Konakovo River Club 

For all Russian visa requirements please contact:
Event updates for the Nautique European Wakesurf Championships London can be found on the Event Facebook Page


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