WWA Holds Judge’s Clinic in Brazil; ABW Hosts

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From Belo Horizonte, Brazil (May 17, 2011) – In its 22nd year, The World Wakeboard Association (WWA ) looks to further the knowledge and education of wakeboarding on a global level through the mentoring and guidance from the highest caliber wakeboard judges in the world including: Brian Grubb, Shawn Perry, Jimmy Trask, and Rob Corum. In a long-standing affiliation with Associação Brasileira Wakeboard (ABW), the WWA, a for riders by riders organization, has certified several new Brazilian Wakeboarders as Level 1 judges. This certification grants knowledgeable and passionate wakeboarders the opportunity to progress the sport of wakeboarding within their respected region, country, and globe.

ABW President and current Rockstar WAA Wakeboard World Champion, Mario Manzoli states “ I believe this clinic has been most beneficial; the level 1 judges have already been administering their new found knowledge in this weekend’s amateur contest.”

“Wakeboarding has grown significantly in South America within recent years” states Shannon Starling, WWA President, “The need for certified and confident wakeboard judges is a necessity for the progression and growth of wakeboarding.”

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