Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships: Rider Info

Check-In for all athletes will be on site (details listed below). All athletes are encouraged to check-in the night before they ride. If you do not check-in with us that night, you MUST be on-site at least one hour before the posted time for your division to begin with Event Registration and Current 2016 WWA Membership COMPLETED.

Check-in Location:

Ambush Board Co.
2555 Cobb Pl Ln NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Check-in Times:
Tuesday, July 26th 5-8 PM
Thursday, July 27th 5-8 PM
Wednesday, July 28th 5-8 PM


Dallas Landing Park
5120 Allatoona Dr, Acworth, GA 30101

Check-in Times:
One hour before your posted division start time

WAKEBOARD DIVISIONS:  2 Falls (1 Pickup)

WAKESKATE DIVISIONS: Will have 3 Falls (2 Pickups)

Pro Men’s Division:
4 tricks per pass in all rounds
2 Falls (1 Pickup)
16 Man Semifinals
8 Man Final with 1 Run