WACO, TX (September 1, 2019) – The 2019 Nautique USA National Wakesurf Championships presented by Rockstar Energy showcased an action-packed weekend paired with an inspiring spectacle of athletic abilities in the family-friendly environment Nautique events are known for. It was the ultimate battle for the top in the final rounds of action with athletes in every division showcasing versatility combining both skim and surf style boards in their runs. Noah Flegel and Ashley Kidd both locked up their 2019 National titles securing some of the last remaining invitations to the inaugural Nautique Masters Wakesurf Championships, the culminating event of the 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series. 

“Congratulations to all of the wakesurfers that won National titles behind the G23 today,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon. “I’d like to thank BSR for hosting a great event, and to all of the competitors who came out and put on incredible performances during this fun-packed weekend.”

The Wake for Warriors finalists showed up on Sunday ready to put on a show for the crowd during the Adaptive final rounds. Blind athlete Mike Nelson (GA) came away with a huge score of 71.67 and locking in his first National title with a double rail grab for the win in the Adaptive Standing division followed by Carter Hess (FL) in second smacking it off the lip to start out his run for a score of 65.00. Ryan Major (MD) earned another first time National title with an equally impressive run utilizing the entire wave of the Super Air Nautique G23 for a final score of 80.00.

The Masters Women’s division kept the competition going with Vanessa Martinez (FL) taking the win completing an air in her first pass to earn herself a 63.33 and a piece of the $10,000 amateur travel award incentive to get to the Nautique Masters Wakesurf Championships. Martinez was followed by Holly Allaire (TX) with another impressive run behind the legendary Super Air Nautique G23 with 56.67 points. In the Masters Men final round, Brad Gearhart (FL) took the heat win with a 360 for a score of 61.67, followed by Jon Thompson (FL) for a score of 60.00. 

The Veteran’s division saw some epic riding with Mark Walser (GA) scoring a 63.33 to take the win with multiple turns and a 180. David Williams (FL) came in second with a 58.33, followed by Dayle Cartwright (FL) in third with 46.67 to round out the podium. The Men’s final saw more impressive passes with Shane Blanton (WI) claiming his National title throwing down an impressive one foot 180 and a back big spin for a final 78.33, followed by Thomas Moschet (MN) with a 61.67 in second and Tyler Kramer (MN) in third with 50.00 points. 

Giving the crowd something to remember, Connelly Wake and Roswell rider Ashley Kidd (USA) came out on top with an epic performance behind the Super Air Nautique G23 to earn her National title and heat winning score of 85.00 in the Pro Women’s division. Kidd put down 3 different shuv variations and a big air reverse punching her ticket to the Nautique Masters Wakesurf Championships. Nautique athlete Jodi Grassman (USA) joined the podium in second place, throwing a back big spin to a front big spin for a score of 80.00, followed by Morgan Lohmeier (USA) in third with a final score of 68.33.

“It feels amazing to take the win two years in a row, I’m super excited about it and had a great time this weekend. I threw three different shuv variations which is a huge accomplishment for me in a competition, so I’m super pumped about that as well!” commented Connelly Wake and Roswell rider Ashley Kidd. 

Nautique team athlete Noah Flegel rose to the top of the Pro Men’s division, taking the National title scoring 90.00 points throwing a 3 shuv and 540 big spin in pass one on his skim style board, followed by a huge mute air on his surf style board in pass two. Flegel not only came away with his first National title back since injury, he earned the prestigious opportunity to compete at the inaugural Nautique Masters Wakesurf Championships this September. In second, Parker Payne (USA) had an incredible run that included 360 shuvs on both his surf and skim style boards scoring 81.67. Sean Silveira (USA) rounded out the podium with an Alley Oop on his skim style board for a third place finishing score of 75.00.

“It felt amazing to take the win today as I was injured last year and judged the event instead, so coming back this year and taking the win was really exciting for me,” commented Nautique athlete Noah Flegel. “I love this format where you can ride both your skim and surf style board. I feel that it really encompasses the true wakesurf feel to be able to get creative on both boards instead of just one. Overall, I’m stoked and can’t wait to come back next year!”

For a full list of results CLICK HERE

The Nautique Wakesurf Series provides the pinnacle of wakesurf competition, creating a global platform for athletes to come to define themselves as the sport’s elite with six stops spanning across the globe. 

For more information on the Nautique Wakesurf Series CLICK  HERE.

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