The WWA Certifies New International Judges

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From Moscow, Russia (June 3, 2011) – The sport of wakeboarding grows on a global level as The World Wakeboard Association (WWA) certifies new international judges. A class of twenty Wakeboarders from Russia, Ukraine, and surrounding countries trade in their boards and boots for a clipboard and pin; avid to learn the tricks-of-the-trade. A two day class, which will extend into this weekend’s Moscow Open Season Cup, teaches

guidelines, formats, judging techniques, and the scoring system of the WWA. Different formats of judging and scoring have been administrated using hand selected video from the largest WWA Wakeboard and WWA Wake Park events in the world.

“Hosting the first WWA Judge Seminar and WWA event in Moscow is great for Russia.” Sates Konstantin Mikhaylov; “There are new cable parks, more events on a larger scale in near future! We’d like to thank Rob Corum for coming and helping us and to Shannon Starling and Danielle Crawford for the support!”

About 50 wakeboarders will compete in The Moscow Open Season Cup and will be based on the Wake Park specific – D.R.I.V.E. format that is now, due to the judge’s clinic, possible to implement. VO Club hosts the contest and, with the help of UNIT Park Tech, consists of the most legit obstacles in all of Russia. The WWA would like to thank Traektoria Boardshop and VO Club for hosting these two impacting events.

“It’s very good that Russia has organized both a seminar and an event that allows Russian and Ukrainian riders to compete.” Moscow Open Season Cup Chief Judge, Ruslan Ibragimov says; “The site and obstacles are really good for competition and the atmosphere is amazing. The seminar and event are giving our new judges the experience they need. We have new ideas about a future association and new events affiliated with the WWA.”

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